Bucket List: Morocco

1. Spending a night under the stars in the Sahara Desert – Merzouga
An unforgetable experience – to sleep under hundreds of stars and – if your lucky – being able to see the milky way. Ride on camels into the dunes (alternatives are mostly available) and spend a night in a tent in the middle of nowhere – nothing but sand around you.
A night you will never forget.

2. Getting lost in the Souks of the Red City – Marrakech
The Berber Souks of Marrakech are full of hidden shops with everything you didnt even know you needed. In this connection the first rule is – bargaining.

3. Get to know the unique culture of the Amazigh people – Dades Gorge
Experience the culture and history of the Amazigh (also called Berber) people in the Mountains. Heartwarming hospitallity and unique traditions, surrounded by untouched nature.

4. A festival in the desert – Zagora M’Hamid
Next to Merzouga the Sahara desert of Zagora is (unreasonable) underrated, yet so stunning. The Erg Chegaga is the largest and still untouched erg of Morocco.
If you visit this place in the end of March take some time and join us for the Festival des Nomads

5. Paradise Valley – Agadir
Hidden in the South-West of Morocco close to Agadir you’ll find an oasis in the middle of forests and mountains – a canyon filled with turkis water. Feels like paradise..

6. Chefchaouen
Explore the Instagram-City in the North of Morocco, also called “The Blue Pearl“. Surrounded by mountains and forests lays the completly blue painted city Chefchaouen which has an interesting history of the three main religions being combined in one place.

7. Getting the best fish in town.. – Essaouira
Only three hours from Marrakech, but a complete different world. Essaouira, a port city, where you will get the best and definetly freshest fish in Morocco. And if you’re already there, you should try wind surfing..

8. To the roots of your new handbag – Fès
Once you are in Fès don’t miss out the Tanneries in the Medina. A place where moroccans have an oldschool and natural way of roducing and coloring leather. Therefore the best place to get it..

9. National and international Art – Assilah
Once a year, in August, artists from all over the world get together in this north-western village on the atlantic cost of Morocco to decorate the walls of the Medina. A great place to relax and take breath.

Most of these sights are covered by our 10 Days Trip – check it out here.

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