Essaouira, one of the World Heritage Sites, is a small, beautiful city on the cost of Morocco. Three hours west from Marrakech is the best place to relax for a while. Its 16th century white and blue colored walls offer astonishing views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Medina has hundreds of small roads and squares you can explore and get lost. You find small galleries, libraries, book stores and most important – the best fish to eat in Morocco.
Some of you will maybe recognize it from the Serie “Games of Thrones” which was partly produced here. Also known as one a secret spot for surfers everybody will find something they love about this place. We can organize you packages for surfing based on your budget and level of experience. The beach right next to the Medina is more made for kite surfing and laying on the beach. So we will take you a bit north or south to always catch the best waves.

It gives you a complete different view on Morocco – next to the crowdy and busy Marrakesh or the heat in the desert. A perfect place to get lost and to stay for a while to relax.

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