Zagora / Erg Chegaga

Zagora is located in the southeast of Morocco. It is borderd by the mountain Zagora from which the town got its name. From there you can make trips to the Draa-Valley, which has small dunes or to Erg Chegaga, which is the biggest Erg of Morocco (next to Erg Chebbi in Merzouga). As until 1990 it was located in a military exclusion zone it is less touched and less visited by tourists. The majority of tours don’t reach further than the small village M’Hamid, which is located 50km western from Erg Chegaga. The Erg is mostly on moroccan and partly on algerian ground. The border is marked by a fence that you might see of you travel here.

Therefore, for a moroccan experience with an organ touch we recommend to take the time to visit Erg Chegaga. Especially a short visit at the Oum Lâalag, an oasis close the the Erg. Due to dry periods during the summer month the best time to visit is October to March. We definitely recommend to not go into the desert on your own for safety reasons.

For a tour to Erg Chegaga you should plan at least 4 days (starting and ending in Marrakesh). Shorter tours are possible in only two days (starting and ending in Marrakesh) but only reach the city Zagora and a small desert close to it. Definitely great for people who only visit Morocco for a few days. Yet, to get an unforgettable experience, Erg Chegaga is definitely worth the time. Contact us to get more information.

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