Fès is one of the old royal capitals and the third biggest city in Morocco. The city was found in 789. The old part of the city, the Medina is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the two mosques, where Non-muslim people can go inside is located here (the other one is located in Casablanca). The Qarawiyin-University is one of the oldest Islamic universities and on the oldest always used universities of the world.

In the Summermonths, from June until September the Average high is over  33°C (91°F) with around 10 sunny hours every day. But even in the Wintermonths the temperature is not going lower than 4°C (39°F). Fès is very well located to explore the North of Morocco. There is a train connection to Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh and Tanger and busses going to Chefchaouen, Nador, Meknes and even to the desert.

Our recommodation is to combine your trip to the desert with coming from Marrakesh and ending up in Fès or to do it the other way from Fès over Merzouga to Marrakesh. You will save a whole day driving with that. Also we recommend to start in Marrakesh, because it is th more popular option and cheaper than starting in Fès.
If you have more questions about Fès, accommodation tips etc. just contact us.

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