We are organizing different tours all around Morocco.
Individual and personal adventures. From camel riding in the sand dunes of Merzouga over hiking in the Atlas Mountains to surfing in the atlantic ocean.

Where ever you would like to go, what ever you would like to explore – we are pleased to create the perfect tour for you.

Follwing you can find a lot of different informations about Morocco. Useful tips like language and price guides, our secret favorite places you should definitely visit and incredible and individual tours all over Morocco.

Language guide

Morocco is a multicultural country where you can find a lot of different influences like Arabic and French, which are also the official languages. Most of the Moroccan people speak the Moroccan arabic called ‘Darija’. They use mostly Arabic words mixed…

Welcome to Morocco

You couldn’t make a better choice than spending some time in Morocco. Between traditional sweet Mint tea and delicious Tajine there is a complete new oriental world waiting for you to explore. For most of you it’s probably the first…