Welcome to Morocco

You couldn’t make a better choice than spending some time in Morocco. Between traditional sweet Mint tea and delicious Tajine there is a complete new oriental world waiting for you to explore.

For most of you it’s probably the first time in Morocco, maybe even the first time in Africa. That sounds scary in the beginning but don’t worry: Morocco is one of the safest African countries to visit, and probably for tourists even safer than some European capital cities.

Cases of robbery happens, as for sure everywhere in the world, but if you behave decend and friendly everybody will give you as much as respect as you give them. To be safe, avoid quiet areas and be vigilant all the time, especially at night. In general it is very safe in Morocco. The country is well organized with similar safety standards as most European countries.

Morocco is a Muslim country which follows Islamic laws and custom. We would recommend to learn a bit about the religion before your visit, so you can act appropiate from the first moment on and not offend anybody. If traveling alone as a woman be respectful and careful with your choice for clothes. Moroccan men are not used to european fashion including Hot-Pants and Crop-Tops. Always try to cover at least your knees and shoulders to avoid any kind of sexual harassment.

All european inhabitants can enter the country without asking for the visa beforehand. You get it once you leave the airplane in Morocco. You can spend a maximum of 90 days in 180 days (in a row) in Morocco for tourist or business reasons. Working Holiday Visas are not possible in Morocco.

If you are interested in learning some basic words in Moroccan arabic called ‘Darija’ click here. If you have any other questions about how to get around in this completely different culture, with a unknown language and different lifestyle we’re pleased to help you. Just contact us.

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