Language guide

Morocco is a multicultural country where you can find a lot of different influences like Arabic and French, which are also the official languages. Most of the Moroccan people speak the Moroccan arabic called ‘Darija’. They use mostly Arabic words mixed with French, the Berber language, and some Spanish influences.
The Berber population which is separated in three tribes speak their own language, Tamazight. Their dialects can be so different that they don’t understand each other. To learn more about the Berber culture click here.

To get around in Morocco easily it is good to know a few words in Darija. With that language you should be able to communicate with every Moroccan. Because of the still growing number of tourists coming to Morocco nearly everybody in the streets will speak a bit of English and French; mostly even the basics from Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian or Dutch.

Small Talk

Hello! = Salam aleykum! / Salam!
Good Morning = Sbah Lkhir / Sbah Nour
Good Night = Ms Lkhir
Good Bye! = Bslama!
How are you? = Labas?
Is everything good? = Kolchi bikhir?
I am good = Labas
Thank you = Shukran / Saha
Where are you from? =
I am from … =
– France = France
– Spain = Spania
– Itlay = Italia
– Germany = Allemania
– Netherlands = Hollande


One = Wahd
Two = Juuj
Three = Tlatta
Four = Arba
Five = Khamsa
Six = Sta
Seven = Sba
Eight = Tamania
Nine = Tis3a
Ten = Ashra
Twenty = Ashrin
Thirty = Tlattin
Fourty = Arbain
Fifty = Khamsin
Sixty = Stin
Seventy = Sbain
Eighty = Tamanin
Ninety = Tis3in
Hundred = Mia

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