The Amazigh People (“Berber”)

Most of the people don't know much about the Amazigh people, haven't even heard of them at all... that definitely changes once they traveled through Morocco. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Egypt is what Amazigh people, also known as "Berber", call home. The word "Berber" comes from the Greek word "barbaros", which... Continue Reading →

Bucket List: Morocco

1. Spending a night under the stars in the Sahara Desert - MerzougaAn unforgetable experience - to sleep under hundreds of stars and - if your lucky - being able to see the milky way. Ride on camels into the dunes (alternatives are mostly available) and spend a night in a tent in the middle... Continue Reading →

Price guide – Travelling

There are many different ways to explore Morocco. Motorbike tours, renting a car, coming with your own car or using the local transportation. Some travelers are trying to make their way through Morocco just with a bike or hitch-hiking. I even met a guy once who bought a Donkey and travelled with him the whole... Continue Reading →

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