Gon, January 2020

I booked this Trip specifically because of its unique experience of Hiking to the Nomads. 
It totally Exceeded my Expectations!

The Biggest Highlight of this Trip is the Hike through the Monkey Fingers to the Nomads location up in the Mountains of Dades Gorge, spending time and eating with the Nomads, sleeping in on of their caves and have the most Amazing Stargazing moment in my Life. Even more clear than the Desert sky!

I was looking for a memorable Father-Son(Teen) Bonding Adventure and was definitely what happened! My son still speaks about it fully excited and with sparkling eyes!

Thank You So Much HIKING NOMADS Family for providing such an Extraordinary Experience!
Your genuine caring and focus on the customer experience is Unique.
Please continue exploring and offering more Off Track Experiences away from the Mass Tourism.

I strongly recommend this Adventure! – Tripadvisor

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