Trash System

One of the big problems the country Morocco has is the incomplete trash system. In the bigger, and more touristic, places, you can see trashbins everywhere and it seems quite clean. But if you leave these tourstic areas and go for example to the country side you’re gonna be shocked, how dirty it is. From plastic bottles to pampers – everything in the nature. Killing the plants, the animals and eventually the living population as well.
I know that the people here in Morocco have a different kind of view as I have (as an European) and trash systems doesn’t seem like the most important problem to fix right now. But still, I would love to give something back to this beautiful country and try to change at least a little bit.

The problem in the smaller areas is, that nobodies coming to collect the trash – so even if the people would put it all in one place, it would stay there forever. So to avoid wild animals coming to the house and fields, the people carry the trash far away and just throw in the next river or between some trees. Some kind of governmental service, trash pick-up, is not as expensiv as it sounds like, but still – to much for the people to sacrifice it.
That’s why we need your help. We would like to start in the place where our Hostel is located, in the village Tamlalte. And if we get enough support, we will start cleaning more and more small places/villages in that area.

We have two different options in mind if you would like to help us:

  1. You could either donate some money, and we will pay the pick-up service with that to solve the problem for the future.
  2. Or you could come to our place and help with collecting the trash that was already thrown in the nature – in exchange for free breakfast, dinner or even a free night.

If you would like to have more information about where exactly your money will go to or you want to join us, just contact us.

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