The moroccan cuisine is a wild mix from all the different cultures you find within the country – some african, arabic, french, jewish and of course berber influences.

The two most traditional meals in Morocco are CousCous or Tagine. The name Tagine is simply coming from the pot where te food is  cooked in. So whatever you cook in a Tagine will also be called Tagine. Even if you just have these two kind of meals there are different ways to prepare them. There are vegan or vegetarian options, options that are sweet or salty, spicy or mild – even some that are only including meat. To find vegan food is quite easy because Moroccans don’t use diary products for cooking. This is probaly coming from the time where the people didn’t had fridges and weren’t able to store these kind of food in the warm clima. So if there are no eggs included pretty much every vegetarian meal is also vegan.

The moroccan way of preparing CousCous is way more complicated than our 5-Minutes instant CousCous. In one big pot they cook the meat, vegetables, spices etc. until everything is really soft. Then they mix the CousCous slowly, in 3-4 sessions, with high quality oil. They don’t put the water directly on the CousCous but cook it in the steam of the rest from the ingredients. With that methode, the CousCous himself already tastes amazing. It is deffinetly worth it to try the moroccan CousCous or even take a Cooking Class to learn it yourself.
Out of an old tradition Friday is the Day for CousCous. After the most important prayer of the week on Friday midday, everybody is going home to eat CousCous with the loved ones. So mostly every City will smell like CousCous on a Friday afternoon.

If you are interested in learning how to cook these different kind of meals we can offer you Cooking Classes. We host them in the Hiking Nomads Hostel in the area of Dades Valley. You will find more informations about that on Airbnb.